Project Description


Writing a new page in the history of this building with a strong industrial and cultural past.

In 2010, GDG acquired this building, in the heart of the block, consisting of a building on the ground floor, an entresol and a floor, for a 5.200 m² surface area.


The goal is to create, in a building of the 19th century, a place of life and work of the 21st century, by integrating new technologies, visual fluency around a community space, encouraging communication between people, and conducive to individual fulfillment. The walls have no reason to exist, without the lives of people who occupy them.


After obtaining a permit in order to have an office allocation and to increase the existing exploitable surface, GDG has developed flexible offices spaces and volumes, open to natural light by creating atriums, while preserving the structure and original materials of the former Baccarat Museum.
Loué en décembre 2011, l’immeuble a été vendu en avril 2013 à un investisseur institutionnel.
Rented in December 2011, the property was sold in April 2013 to an institutional investor.


 30bis rue de Paradis – 75010 Paris

– Bonne Nouvelle
– Château d’Eau – Gare de l’Est – Gare du Nord
 – Cadet
32 – Hauteville
 26 – Place Franz Litszt

Trains grande lignes : Gare de l’Est (East station) / Gare du Nord (North station)